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The following is a list of concepts used in the rules:

Self-service Portal – website

Customer – or you – any private or corporate person having been introduced with these Rules and using the self-service portal in the procedure prescribed therein.

Lietuvos draudimas – or We – AB Lietuvos Draudimas administering the self-service portal.

Personal data – any information relating to a natural person (data subject), whose identity is known or can be directly or indirectly determined using such data as personal code, one or several person-specific characteristics of physical, physiological, psychological, economic, cultural or social nature.

Self-service portal rules (hereinafter referred to as the Rules) establish your and our relationship, rights and obligations as well as conditions and procedure for using the self-service portal.

1. Self-service portal goals and possibilities provided by it

1.1. The following are the goals of the self-service portal:

1.1.1. to provide you with a possibility to independently submit and manage your own information (including, but not limited to: your personal data, i.e. name, surname, address, e-mail address, etc.) in accordance with the conditions and procedure and to the extent laid down in the Rules;

1.1.2. To facilitate the possibility for you to receive and view information related to the insurance contract(-s) concluded with you, administration of the insured event(-s) or event(-s) that could be deemed insured, indemnification claims, as well as, upon your consent, to receive offers for conclusion of our new insurance contracts and information on our promotion actions, etc.;

1.1.3. to receive our notifications, which, in accordance with the insurance contracts concluded with you as well as Law on Insurance and (or) other legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania, we are obliged to submit to you in writing.

1.2. We determine the functionality of the self-service portal and the nature and extent of the services and self-service tools offered.

1.3. We undertake to ensure the proper self-service portal functionality and comply with information (including personal data) security requirements.

2. Customer registration, identification and login to the self-service portal

2.1. Once you register with the self-service portal and each time you login to it later on you will be identified:

2.1.1. through the electronic banking system of one of the banks with which we cooperate for this purpose;

2.1.2. through the mobile e-signature;

2.1.3. having entered the user name, password and a temporary verification code sent by SMS.

2.2. Only a registered Customer can use the self-service portal.

2.3. A Customer shall register in the self-service portal by identifying himself/herself in one of the ways provided for in paragraph 2.1 of the Rules by submitting (verifying) the required data about himself/herself, familiarizing himself/herself with these Rules and undertaking to comply with the Customer obligations established in these Rules.

2.4. You shall warrant and assume full responsibility for accurate and complete personal data (data of the authorised representative) indicated when completing registration with the self-service portal and using it.

3. Information provided by Lietuvos draudimas

3.1. The following information shall be presented on the self-service portal:

3.1.1. The insurance contracts you entered into, administration of the insured events and events that could be deemed insured, and history;

3.1.2. payments you have made and future payments;

3.1.3. your contact data;

3.1.4. Claims against you for compensation of damages;

3.2. On the self-service portal you will be able to:

3.2.1. receive and manage payment and insurance contract reminders;

3.2.2. To notify about the insured events or events that could be deemed insured (including submission of information and documents related to the said events, and management of indemnification options);

3.2.3. find our contact information and ask a representative of Lietuvos draudimas a question of concern to you.

3.3. The information submitted via the self-service portal, which according to the insurance contract we concluded with you and/or applicable legal acts, we are obliged to present to you in writing (including, but not limited to, insurance terms and conditions, insurance product information document, information, which must be provided to you by the insurance product distributors, notifications of outstanding premium payments, termination of insurance contract, invoice for insurance services, insurance policies, notifications on administration of the insured events and events that could be deemed insured, as well as on the requirement to rectify the damages and/or other correspondence) shall be considered to be the appropriate and due notification and/or provision of the documents to you. It shall be considered that you have been notified and/or documents have been presented to you on the day following the date the respective information and/or documents have been uploaded on the Self-Service Portal.

3.4. By registering on the self-service portal you agree that the consent/refusal to grant consent to receive marketing offers granted in the procedure applicable at the self-service portal, the insurance contracts concluded, submitted/received requests, applications and/or other documents or instructions (for example, requests for automatic payment of e-invoice, etc.) shall be treated as having the same legal force as written documents signed by hand (sealed, if applicable) or qualified electronic signature and admissible as evidence in resolving potential insurance disputes between you and us in courts and/or other institutions.

4. Information provided and administered by the Customer

4.1. Using the tools provided to you on the self-service portal for their intended purpose and in the ways provided for by such tools as well as the scale for the use thereof you shall be able to provide and (or) otherwise administer your information on the self-service portal. This information shall always be true, accurate, complete and adequate for the self-service portal goals and purpose. Should you notice any inaccuracies and (or) other deficiencies in information presented on the self-service portal or in case of the change of your data, you shall have to immediately correct those inaccuracies, deficiencies and (or) changes yourself or inform us about that in the procedure prescribed in these Rules.

4.2. By presenting and (or) otherwise administering information (including your personal data and (or) personal data of other entities) to the self-service, you warrant that you have the right to present this information and (or) otherwise administer it, and assume full responsibility for losses, which we and (or) other third persons may incur due to unauthorized submission of information (including personal data) and (or) other administration thereof.

5. The right of Lietuvos draudimas to administer information

5.1. We or our authorised third parties shall, pursuant to the requirements of the Law on Insurance and other legal acts, have the right to process the information (including personal data) provided on the self-service portal for the purposes of conclusion and performance of the contract (e.g., in the event of necessity to contact the state registers, banks, law-enforcement institutions, insurance companies and other third parties), as well as in order to respond to any of your inquiries or complains, upon your consent, for the marketing purposes, etc.

5.2. Further information regarding processing of personal data is available at; if you have any questions regarding your data processed by Lietuvos daudimas, send an e-mail to

6. Intellectual property and its protection

6.1. All copyrights to the self-service portal are owned by Lietuvos draudimas and protected by law. Anyone in breach of these rights shall be held liable in accordance with the procedure established by law.

6.2. It shall be prohibited to reproduce, copy, publish or otherwise use the information presented in the self-service portal or any part thereof without the prior consent of Lietuvos Draudimas, except for cases provided for by law.

7. Protection of information

7.1. We undertake to refrain from disclosing or handing over the information presented by you and (or) otherwise administered on the self-service portal to any third persons, except for cases, when this is done in execution of your order and (or) it is required to do so by valid laws.

7.2. If your registration and/or other subsequent login to the self-service portal has been performed in compliance with the requirements set forth in part 2 of these Rules, we shall reasonably consider a person who registered with, logged in and/or using the self-service portal and the actions performed by him/her to be the Customer (his/her authorised representative) and actions performed by him/her (authorised representative) respectively. We shall not assume any responsibility for the disclosure of information and/or other negative circumstances arisen or potentially arising in cases where the said actions of registration, login and/or use of the self-service portal are performed by a third person rather than you (regardless of whether or not he/she has received your permission).

7.3. You shall have to immediately inform us in the procedure prescribed by these Rules, should you find out or suspect that some third person has unlawfully been registering, logging in and (or) using the self-service in your name.

7.4. We shall have the right to restrict or suspend the possibility for you to connect to and use the self-service portal:

7.4.1. if this is necessary for the ensurance of the security of the self-service portal;

7.4.2. in case of technical interruptions;

7.4.3. in case of force majeure circumstances;

7.4.4. in case of a suspicion that some third person rather than you has been registering, logging in and (or) using the self-service portal in your name;

7.4.5. in other cases provided for by laws.

7.5. We shall also have the right to restrict or suspend the possibility for you to connect and use the self-service portal if you fail to comply with the provisions of these Rules, your actions are inconsistent with the purpose and goals of the self-service portal, or your actions pose threat to the self-service portal operations or rights and legitimate interests of other users of the self-service portal.

7.6. We shall inform you about the restriction or suspension of your right to connect to and use the self-service portal immediately in the procedure specified in paragraph 10.1 of these Rules.

8. Cookies

8.1. Cookies are small text files that are placed on your computer or other devices when you visit our website and use the Self-Service Portal. Depending on the browser, this information is stored either in small individual files or in a common file of cookies stored by different websites. Cookies are used by most advanced websites in Lithuania and abroad. Cookies can only be provided if permitted by your device settings.

8.2. You can revoke your consent to the use of cookies at any time by changing the settings of your Internet browser and disabling all cookies, or disabling (enabling) them one by one. However, please note that in some cases this may slow down your browsing speed, restrict the functionality of our website and the Self-Service Portal, or block access to them. Use the help functions of web browsers to set the required (desired) cookie options. Information on how to do this can be found in the browser help pages.

Cookies used on our website.

9. Responsibility of the Parties

9.1. If either of the Parties is not performing or improperly performs the obligations provided for in these Rules, it shall compensate all losses incurred by the other party because of that and (or) the losses incurred by third persons.

9.2. Should you be damaging (damage) the software of Lietuvos Draudimas, illegally affect and (or) change it, use the self-service portal for purpose and (or) goals other than those provided for in the Rules or perform other illegal acts, you will have to compensate all the losses incurred by us and (or) third parties because of that.

9.3. We do not assume responsibility for disorders occurring when accessing the self-service portal and (or) identifying you, when you login to the self-service portal and identify yourself in one of the methods provided for in paragraphs 2.1.1.–2.1.2. of these Rules, also for the violations of your rights/ legitimate interests and (or) any laws caused due to the fault of banks or mobile communication operators the services of which you use when accessing and identifying yourself in the self-service portal, or the fault of any other third persons.

10. Notification procedure

10.1. Our notifications sent to you shall be considered properly sent and delivered if they are sent to the address and (or) e-mail indicated by you in the self-service portal. You can call 1828 for information on issues that you are interested in.

10.2. You must inform us no later than within 5 (five) working days about any changes of your contact and (or) any other data and update the changed data on the self-service portal. All actions performed by us up to the moment till we receive a notification about the change of any of your data shall be considered properly performed if they were done according to the data indicated by you on the self-service portal at that time.

10.3. Your notifications and other documents intended for us shall be considered properly sent and delivered if they are submitted to us directly using the self-service portal or sent to: J. Basanavičiaus g. 12, 03600 Vilnius, or by e-mail at

11. Complaints and disputes

11.1. Complaints and (or) claims relating to the self-service portal addressed to Us shall be sent to: J. Basanavčiaus g. 12, 03600 Vilnius, by email, presented directly or by other ways compliant with the requirement for the submission of a written complaint, or by calling 1828.

11.2. Procedure for the submission and examination of the Customer claims is published online at

11.3. The disputes arising in relation to the use of the self-service portal shall be settled by negotiations between the customer and Lietuvos draudimas. If the parties fail to resolve the dispute in this manner, it shall be settled in the procedure set forth in the legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania.

12. Final provisions

12.1. These Rules shall be valid for an indefinite period of time and complied with by both us as well as you.

12.2. You shall be allowed to become a Customer of the self-service portal and start using the self-service portal only after familiarising with the present Rules and confirming that you have done so when registering with the self-service portal. The confirmation of the familiarity with the Rules shall also mean your obligation to comply with them as long as you are a Customer of the self-service portal.

12.3. We shall reserve the right to unilaterally, however in conformity to the requirements set forth by the legal acts, modify the provisions of these Rules by informing you about it no less than 5 (five) working days in advance by any of the methods provided for in part 10 of these Rules. Should you disagree with any of the changes of these Rules and (or) the self-service portal, you will not be able to continue using the self-service portal and will have to unsubscribe from it.

12.4. You can unsubscribe from the self-service portal either in person or by a registered letter, by submitting to us a written request for the termination of registration and the use of the self-service portal.


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